Writing a volunteering essay expounded by an expert
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Writing a volunteering essay expounded by an expert

Volunteering mainly occurs during charitable and non-profit making occasions. Therefore, when one seeks to volunteer for a course, they do not expect to be remunerated, yet they perform the assigned duties diligently. It is an act that shows kindness.

When writing an essay on volunteering, you need to divide your paper into different subsequent sections. First, note that the introduction should carry the meaning of the topic. It also involves other descriptive information and a brief explanation of the reasons and people who engage in volunteering. Always ensure that your introductory paragraph has a thesis statement. It will give a brief explanation on what the paper will cover in volunteering.  Additionally, volunteer options are numerous. They may include

  • Helping out at an orphanage
  • Solving problems in developing nations
  • Cleaning your local neighbourhood
  • Serving on community board and many more

Just remember to limit your essay to particular volunteer work.

Once you have chosen your volunteering tasks, the next step involves describing what your duties and schedule. For instance, take helping out at a shelter home. Some of the activities include cooking, serving and cleaning the premise. So, for volunteer work at such a place, your essay should show the familiarity and the willingness to perform each task. You could identify the schedule for these tasks. Cleaning the premise may take place mid-morning hours when there are fewer people in the building. Other tasks take place according to the program of the shelter place. Remember, depending on your volunteer option, ensure that you are familiar with the skill set involved.

Subsequently, cover the reasons for volunteering. Why do you think people volunteer? What are some of the motives you would have for volunteering? It is expected that most reasons are selfless. For example, you wanted to offer a hand since you had free time. From a personal perspective, individual experiences may motivate you to volunteer. Note, a requirement to volunteer to gain skills may also account as volunteering since it does not refer to financial compensation. However, there is a dissimilarity between volunteering and internship. Volunteering seeks to solve social problems like hunger or natural calamities. Remember to include some of the selfish reasons why people volunteer. An example may include volunteering to improve a person’s public image. This paragraph(s) requires you give detailed information on the positive and adverse reasons for volunteering.Writing a volunteering essay

What do you think is the impact of volunteering? To what extent has volunteering work solved social problems? Feel free to explore all the outcomes from volunteering. For the volunteer, the effect may range from self-actualisation to repairing to the damaged public image. On the other hand, to the society and the people who benefited from the volunteer work, what were the advantages and detriments of the course? Include the financial impacts of the volunteer. Clearly, helping or volunteering is aimed at improving the social welfare of others. However, in some cases, it has contributed to dependency. Some people refrain from working since they will benefit from charity activities. As such, it is expected that you provide all results. Include a personal opinion on the matter. Do you think the benefits of volunteering supersede the costs?

Analyze volunteer work. You can review the work of various world organisations and assess their impact on the society. Which of these organisations would you wish to volunteer in? Explain the work of the organisation, its administration and sources of finances. Also, include a brief explanation of the areas they work. How frequent is their mission? For instance, it assists before during and after an imminent calamity. Why do you choose this organisation? Do you think their course is noble? This section allows you to provide a personal perspective on volunteering. You can explore the areas they assist and explain which area you would wish to volunteer in and why. You can explore various personal reasons and personality traits that make their course ideal for you.

Finally, you could include a recommendation on various activities that should be implemented to promote the efficiency of volunteer work. Apart from the common fields for volunteering, do you think there are social problems that could be solved with more volunteer work? Explain the why and how these issues may be solved. Conclude your essay with a brief personal opinion on volunteer work and why such options should be pursued in the future.