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Pro Writers: The Most Effective Way to Create a Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis and statement are two different things. While the first one refers to the final project that students should complete as part of their master’s program to gain a diploma, another one is the main claim or question of the specific essay. Many learners share that developing a strong thesis is the most challenging part of the entire assignment. Though such a statement is the shortest part of the entire writing, it requires the most profound research and detailed analysis.

To make it strong and quality, students can either rely on their intuition, search for the examples to build a thesis, or turn to experts to pay a certain price for the perfectly written statement. More and more learners support the second option. We can offer this type of service at our professional college writing website. Read more about a strong thesis and how our company works.

How the Process of Writing a Thesis Statement Looks Like

Even if your prompt seems too long, try to narrow it down to a single question or strong statement of a thesis. Distill an essay into a particular issue. Let’s say the prompt sounds like, “Compose a piece to the college board listing the possible advantages of applying mobile devices in class.” You may simply perceive it as, “What are the possible pros of using mobile devices during the learning process?” You will have to come up with 1-2 sentence(s) as a reply to your question. That would be your strong thesis.

What if your teacher does not assign a specific topic or research question to answer? The situation with developing a strong thesis is a bit more difficult then. You should first choose the subject, and only then generate a thesis. Here is the sequence:

  • Brainstorm the theme or question
  • Surf the web and library sources
  • Narrow down the final choice of a topic
  • Select only a single position
  • Use specific language in your statement
  • Make an assertion
  • Proofread your thesis to make it really strong

The Major Goals of a Thesis Statement

Why do your assignments require a strong thesis in the shape of statements? That is the main statement of the entire essay or research paper. It is an integral part of an academic assignment. To make your work sound strong enough to your teacher or professor, watch out for a couple of sentences condensation of the main claim or evaluation. You should try to explain what and why you wish to discuss in no more than two sentences.

Many students wonder why an essay requires a strong thesis. The idea of this statement is to:

  • Examine the author’s ideas in a couple of sentences
  • Structure the entire work and show its logical flow
  • Let your audience know what the paper will be about and how to read it.

As you can see, a reader will have no clue of what you talk about without a strong thesis. This statement may either encourage one to get acquainted with your work or, vice versa, distract them. A strong thesis will serve as a hook sentence, motivating the audience to keep on reading.

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How We Ensure the Top-Quality Thesis Statements

No matter whether you order only an introduction or entire paper from our professional writing service, you will get a strong thesis. This statement typically shows up at the end of an opening paragraph. It is a good rule of thumb, but a strong thesis has to appear in conclusion as well, only in a restated form.

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  • Grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation errors
  • Issues with formatting
  • The logical flow of the content
  • Relevance
  • Properly selected sources and supporting arguments
  • Strong thesis

After such strict control, you can be sure that your tutor will be impressed enough to reward you with the best grade. We can share the reports with you.

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