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Find Out The Best Persuasive Essay Topics UK

The persuasive essay is a definitive work of literature designed to determine how well the student understands the work. However, students often get stuck when they need to choose a topic. So how to develop a theme for work or select it from many good persuasive essay topics. Find out in this article!

Topics about a person traveling and the meaning of the road in a person’s life

This is a fertile topic for those seriously interested in literature and even, perhaps, are going to connect their lives with philology. Of course, we can talk about some real road or a philosophical one.

  • Why does a person travel?
  • The most exciting trip: what is it like?
  • Where would I like to go?
  • Is it true that travel broadens one’s horizons?
  • How does travel help you learn about the cultures of other people?

As for the imaginary road, this is primarily a topic related to the path of life. Human life is traditionally compared to the road, and there are a lot of works in which life is considered from this point of view. In addition, it is assumed that schoolchildren will pay attention to those works characterized by the road chronotype.

You can turn to some works on your own because this is really an interesting topic for those who read a lot and are interested in the peculiarities of the construction of literary works. Approximate topics and persuasive essay ideas that can be proposed within this direction, in addition to those that have already been named:

  • How to choose a life path?
  • The river of life – what does it mean?
  • What helps you not to get lost on the path of life?
  • Is it true that we are all strangers in this world?
  • How is the culture of nomadism displayed in many great countries?
  • Why does the author show his character as a traveler?
  • Do you agree that the life of a hero is a kind of journey?
  • What path does the hero of the work take after making the journey?
  • Features of the path of the hero.

These persuasive essay topics UK help reveal many aspects of our life, and it will be very useful for students to choose one of these themes. Also, this topic may concern other philosophical issues. But it is precise all the questions in the essay that you need to answer and argue your position convincingly.

20 Good Essay Topics

  • A phrase that changed my life.
  • If I had lived 200 years earlier.
  • My hidden talent.
  • My ambitions and how I see my life in 10 years.
  • If you could create a cure for one disease, what kind of disease would it be?
  • Which country do you want to visit again and again and why?
  • How does music affect our way of life?
  • Why do athletes become more socially active and proactive?
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Is it relevant in the 21st century?
  • Do personality tests help you find yourself or drive you into the frame?
  • Traumatic events should be discussed, not hidden.
  • People who love animals are usually kinder and more optimistic. Is it true?
  • Is it true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?
  • Zoos are sometimes considered an excellent alternative to the natural environment. Are you for or against keeping animals in zoos?
  • How can technology be used to preserve the environment?
  • Who do you admire most?
  • What is the purpose of your life?
  • Describe how you decided which career to choose.
  • Is money an instrument or a goal of life?

Simple Tips For Choosing The Best Topic And Writing

Analyze the characters. Choosing a single character is advantageous because you do not have to disassemble the entire book or event in detail. Just a few episodes you need will be enough which reveals the characters. Moreover, such a work will be very psychological if you can accurately describe the character and the opinion that the author emphasizes with his help. This will ensure a high grade for the essay.

Do not take problematic issues as a topic. In this way, you run the risk of significantly compressing the volume of the text because by answering the questions, you will not be able to develop the idea further. On the contrary, if you make too big a point about “The problem of parents and children,” you will need a thorough knowledge of the whole process of raising children, psychology or history.

Check the literature textbook. At least a superficial analysis of the novel and the main ideas that the author wanted to convey to the reader must be present. Based on the research, you can choose one of the small “intermediate” topics and write an essay. 

Also, check if the textbook has topics for the works. In this case, it is enough to take one of the proposed. You will see many persuasive essay topics that you would not have guessed about and read how other authors analyze them: based on this, writing your version will be much easier.

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