How to Write a Tolerance Essay
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How to Write a Tolerance Essay

You hear the word essay, and your head goes spinning. All you can think about is “ugh, that again.”

But, no matter what you think, the truth is that you still have to write the essay. Moreover, times like these, when you do not know what to write, a blank page seems scary more than anything else.

However, here are a few tips on how you can write your essay from scratch and still bring home a wonderful score.

  • Start with the end in mind

Don’t begin your essay without knowing how it will end. Some say the end is usually the beginning. Before you start writing, have it all figured out. Once you know how you want to end your essay, you will get the direction that your writing should take. Know where the essay is leading and make it clear to your readers from the start.

  • Title matters a lot

Although everybody knows the assignment is a tolerance essay, the title you use is what will differentiate from the rest of your classmates. Therefore, make sure your title sticks out. Mostly, the students will use obvious titles like effects of tolerance, etc. so, if you are different from them, show it by using a unique title.

  • How do you start your essay?

You’ve made an extraordinary title – now what next? Make your first sentence to be interesting. Your introduction will either psyche up your readers to continue reading the essay, or it will put them off.  Therefore make sure that your first statement means something, i.e., using a hook, quote, an argument and much more.

  • Keep the reader in tow

Keep in mind your teacher has so many essays to go through. Therefore, if your essay is boring, what will make her spent more time on it when she’s got a pile of essays to read through?

  • Ensure there is consistency in the flow of your ideas;
  • Link admirably chosen cites;
  • Address their questions;
  • Use proper humor, g., parody, and incongruity- they work wonders in an academic essay. However, use them sparingly.
  • Experimenting with confusion – make a desire that you’re making a specific contention at that point turn things on their head halfway through;
  • Including short, important stories.
  • Remove all fluff

When you have a word count to meet, and you have fewer words to write, you may be tempted to include some useless words to satisfy the word requirements. But that only makes your essay useless. Make sure that every word you write, counts. Avoid unnecessary repetitions.

  • Be careful with the ending

A beautiful essay with a bad ending ruins all of your hard work. Make sure you end with a good conclusion, perhaps a statement that brings closure to your arguments.

Successful endings include:

  • Linking back to your opening sentence.
  • Finding a statement that entireties up your contention.
  • Using a solid bit of finishing up symbolism.
  • Asking the last inquiry (which can be logical).
  • Format, design, layout:

How have you presented your essay to the teacher? Is the layout appealing or is it clustered? Teachers love reading essays that are appealing to the eye. Even though they won’t look at the design that way, it will influence how they grade your essay. Organize your essays in titles, subheadings, paragraphs, visual cues and underline words if necessary. Good organization proves to the teacher that you know what you are doing and that your arguments carry some meaning.

  • Too long, too short:

Make sure your essay isn’t too long or too short. The length of the essay depends on different variables, most importantly your writing skills and the topic under discussion. However, the typical essay may require you to write between three to five pages unless stated otherwise by your teacher.essay writing tips

Nevertheless, it will be important to note that what really influences your score is the quality of your work as opposed to the length. If the teacher has not specified the length, it is advisable to write short but very quality arguments with factual supporting information rather than a long meaningless piece. Also, if you are timed, make sure to shorten your essay. It is better to write a short essay with an excellent conclusion rather than go for long essays and get caught up with time.