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Find Out the Right Dissertation Structure For Your Future Work

If you intend to develop in science and plan to get a degree, it is essential to know how to write a dissertation yourself and quickly. Writing a scientific research paper is a key task of a graduate student because at the end of his studies he must submit his work for defense before the dissertation committee.

According to statistics, 30-50% of applicants never reach the defense stage, leaving the educational institution without completing their studies. This is due to many difficulties that young scientists have to face in the process of work. Nevertheless, it is possible to write a good candidate’s thesis on your own if you approach the task competently and responsibly. In this article, you will learn how to write an abstract for a dissertation and the main part without any hassle.

Who Needs a Dissertation and Why?

Dissertation writing is a time-consuming process that requires the student or scientist to be able to apply their knowledge and skills in the course of research work. The applicant confirms his qualifications in the field under study by scientific work. Without his protection, it is impossible to move to a new stage of development in the field of science. 

Often, not only young scientists who plan to connect their lives with scientific activities resort to the creation of a manuscript, but also various organizations that need to solve significant scientific problems for a successful business.

Obtaining a Ph.D. degree is useful for applicants to meet various needs:

  1. Recognition of the works of a young scientist by an authoritative scientific community is considered the highest form of self-realization, self-affirmation.
  2. People of science who have confirmed their knowledge and experience by defending their thesis are treated with respect and reverence.
  3. PhDs earn more than non-degree researchers and are more likely to find decent jobs based on their qualifications.
  4. The opportunity to become a significant part of the scientific world, regularly attend conferences seminars, meet people.

Thus, it is useful to know how to write a dissertation structure yourself and quickly for everyone interested in doing research activities, wants to become a significant figure in the scientific community, and also strives for self-development and self-realization as a famous scientist.

The Structure of the Scientific Work.

The dissertation is written in strict accordance with the requirements. Regardless of the direction of research, the level of scientific work the standards for writing it are identical. The manuscript consists of an introduction, conclusion, at least three main chapters, a list of references, drawn up following state requirements.

How to write a dissertation introduction? It is necessary to approach the preparation of the introduction very responsibly. In this section, it is necessary to briefly substantiate what is the peculiarity, interest, and benefit of scientific work. For this, you should:

  1. Indicate the relevance and practical value of the problem under study;
  2. Describe the topic, assess the level of its development;
  3. Determine the main goal and objectives of the dissertation;
  4. Define the object or process under study;
  5. Briefly describe the essence of the future project;
  6. Note the provisions useful for the upcoming defense;
  7. Indicate the prospects for practical application and approbation of the results obtained.

A well-designed dissertation structure will help you quickly navigate upcoming research, plan your time, submit the necessary reports at the department, understand what steps you need to take to write your dissertation yourself and quickly. Even if you make adjustments to the original plan in the process of writing a dissertation, it’s not scary. Better a plan with modifications than none at all.

The detailed structure of the dissertation should look like this:

  • Introduction to your topic (title page, table of contents, and content);
  • Literature review that surveys relevant sources (they are issued strictly according to the requirements of your university);
  • Methodology explanation;
  • Overview of the research results;
  • Discussion of the results and their implications;
  • A conclusion that shows what your research has contributed.

Body Dissertation Writing

When writing a dissertation’s main part, there are no exact instructions. You need to be guided by the direction of research. In general, recommendations for writing dissertation chapters look like this:

  1. The first part is a literary review and analysis of the studied sources on the topic of the work, ranging from 20 to 40 pages. It is advisable, before starting to write a work, to study the state of the chosen direction of research, which scientists have been and are engaged in the development, what success has already been achieved, and what problems still remain. If several unsolved problems are identified, you can list them all in your text. It is convenient to end the first chapter by setting the goal and objectives of the forthcoming research.
  2. The second part implies a description of the methodology of work. Its volume is about 10 pages. It lists the tests carried out, the methods used, and the tools. Anyone who reads the section should have a clear idea of ​​where the data came from and understand how to experiment themselves.
  3. The third part contains the results of the research, it is the largest and can take up to 90 pages. For convenience, the data obtained is entered into tables, then graphs, diagrams are built on them, and explanations are given. If there were a lot of experiments, it is better to divide them into separate paragraphs or add another chapter.
  4. The fourth part is necessary for analyzing the data obtained, comparing your results with the results of other researchers on the same topic. The average length of a section is 20-30 pages.

According to the standard, the entire volume of a dissertation is from 120 to 150 pages. Before writing a dissertation on his own and quickly, a graduate student must clearly understand which direction he wants to work. Choosing a topic is a crucial step that determines the entire course of further actions of the applicant. The topic should be interesting for a young scientist, relevant to science in general, feasible for research. There is no need to set super-tasks that will be difficult to solve, to choose a direction in which there is either very little or too much work. You also need to know how to write a dissertation conclusion correctly.

How to Choose Dissertation Topic?

When choosing a topic, you should take into account that the topic of the dissertation must be relevant, that is, there is an urgent need for this topic in science and practice. In the dissertation and abstract, the first point is the relevance of the research topic. The chosen dissertation topic must have scientific novelty, that is so that the applicant can say that he has done something new that no one has done before.

The topic of the dissertation should be significant, that is, the results of research on the topic will make a certain contribution to science or practice. Having corrected the topic of the dissertation, it is necessary to discuss it with the supervisor and the research team of the department, and then submit it for approval.

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