How to Overcome Academic Procrastination
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How to Overcome Academic Procrastination

Procrastination has adverse effects such as stress, and in return, poor scores are experienced since less time is dedicated to study. These results in ‘half baked’ graduates who cannot perform the simple tasks that they need to have known while on campus. They fail to meet up their academic goals and results to poor performance which cannot be blamed on their IQ but rather on their lack of planning and setting their priorities straight.  There are some valuable tips that when shared with the students will help them a great deal.

Make a priority list

This is a list that highlights the to-do tasks and states when and where the tasks are to be performed. In this list, a student needs to ensure that at the end of the stipulated time needed to clear the to-do list, he/she is able to mark those done tasks and those that are pending need to have reasons as to why they are pending. In this way, the student will be disciplined in such a way as to ensure that his tasks are done quite on time.

Break down work into portions

Break work to be done into less and more important tasks in a well-organised manner. Then begin by working on the high prioritised work first. This will help the student in allocating adequate time to each and every task as others might require much more time and others require fewer tasks hence making time management be a priority.

 Manage time accordingly

Doing homework in the last minute times increases stress levels among students and may make them not do it to their level best. When it is done under pressure the student will likely do some short cuts or fail to research widely leading to poor performance because of low and poor quality work produced. It is therefore advisable that homework is done in the appropriate time since teachers also give some good time allowance for the assignments to be done.

Distractions are to be avoided at all costs

Distractions include TV, computers, games, friends and music, that are quite addictive to the students. These distractions limit ones potential and thus lead to less time allocated to important tasks. The student becomes like a slave to this distractions. It is therefore advisable that a quiet place is set aside for study.

Motivation is key

When motivated to do something, human beings are known to succeed in anything that they do while motivated. This is because they are known to look up to a gift or the end result that is known to them. Therefore maintain a proper tempo while studying or doing your assignment. Keep reminding yourself that academic goals need to be met and that the end result is quite rewarding.  Goals are only achievable when maximum effort is put in what you do therefore in this way, academic procrastination can be done away with.