How do I write my migration essay?
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How do I write my migration essay?

Before the colonisation and industrialisation eras, people migrated within their countries, for short distances in search for basic needs. However, as time progressed the reasons for migration changed: nowadays people migrate to look for better opportunities. Let’s discuss how to write an essay on migration.

Migration may be local and international. Your introduction paragraph should include the meaning of migration. It should cover the scope of migration and a brief explanation of the reasons for migration.  You could also include some of the reasons you would choose to migrate. This information lays a foundation on what your purpose to cover in your body section of the paper. Always include a thesis statement in your essay.

Before divulging into the reasons for migration, your essay’s body should begin with background information on migration. Cite factors that contributed to international migration. For instance, the colonisation era saw may Europeans migrate to Africa in search for:

  • Fertile lands
  • Cheap labour
  • Resources
  • Exploration

These are the factors that fuelled the industrialisation. Include how migration laws have changed over time and why. Here you could describe the requirements for migration into your country or any country you would wish to migrate to. If you choose to include this information in your essay, make sure that the information is accurate. Ensure you research the information on credible sources.

royalessays-ukThe next part requires a detailed coverage of the reason for migration. How have these reasons evolved? The range of reasons may include searching for better opportunities, seeking political asylum, need for exploration. Ensure you keep an open mindset in this section. However, in all broad thinking capacity, reasons have to be tangible. If a person moves to another country for touring purposes than returns home, this is not migration. Migration covers reasons that eventually relate to extended settlement in another country or area. Therefore, your reason should be pegged to such tangibility.

What are the consequences of migration? To ensure you organise this part of your essay, follow the scope of immigration. For instance, what does rural-urban migration lead to? Consequences may include congestion in urban areas, limited labour in rural areas, high dependency and other social evils that exist in urban areas. On the positive aspect, there is an increase in investment real estate and entrepreneurial spirit. Alternatively, global migration results in pooling experts but also results in brain drain in countries that people migrate from. Diverse your impact to cover demographic and economic consequences. Additionally, you may organise your essay to include the benefits and disadvantages for the countries that people migrate to and from. For instance, one advantage of migration is that people share information and as well transfer skills. On the other hand, terrorism may be backed by migration.

In your background section, you noted the progress of migration laws. Nations have restricted immigration for different reasons with the first being terrorism. Explore the purpose why migration has been limited to your country and a country you would wish to move to. Do you think these reasons justify the strict or lenient immigration laws in your country? Do these immigration laws change depending on the immigrant’s origin country? How has the government defended the immigration restriction differences? Give a detailed explanation. You can also cite some of the situations that contributed to the changes in your country’s immigration policies.

Every process has its bureaucratic process that limits its effectiveness. Review your nation’s immigration policies and provide recommendations on how to improve the process. Should immigrants be allowed into your country? What reasons should be accepted for migration? What are the screening metrics that your country should include when reviewing immigration application? Additionally, you could provide a personal opinion on the immigration policies. For example, do you think they are appropriate? What are the consequences of making the immigration policies more strict or lenient to your country? Will the benefits to your country outweigh the costs if the immigration policies were changed to become strict or lenient and how?

Conclude your paper with an overview of what you have covered on the topic. Provide a personal view on the matter and how the government may eliminate the inefficiencies in the immigration process. Ensure that your essay has explored all aspects that are related to migration subsequently. It improves your coherence and organisation of ideas.