Find what experts have to say about writing a homelessness essay
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Find what experts have to say about writing a homelessness essay.

While homelessness results from different factors varying from poverty levels to other contributing issues such as drug addiction, it impacts on a country’s social welfare, public spending, and amenities. As such, it is a social problem that the federal government and other non-government organisations seek to address. Before writing an essay on homelessness, research on its statistical levels in your country, the impact and approaches to address the issue. Note that irrespective of the economic growth rate of a country, homelessness is unavoidable.How to write a homelessness essay

Therefore, describe homelessness in the simplest explanation possible. It is a situation where people lack a permanent residence and are forced to spend their nights outside under harsh weather conditions. So long as a person cannot afford to live under a decent permanent house, then they are homeless. Living in motels is not being homeless because the individual can afford to pay for the living space. After describing the term, including a general statistic data on the level of homelessness in your country or the research country.

Secondly, describe the factors that contribute to homelessness. It involves going into detailed writing on the issue. Some of the factors that you can mention include

  • Poverty
  • Family feuds
  • Unemployment
  • Economic climate
  • Home ownership policies

According to research, other factors such as drug addiction and natural calamities are some of the factors that contribute to being homeless. Additionally, some people end up being homeless due to their background, example orphans. In this section, ensure you analyse each factor and how it contributes to being homeless. Preferably, uses certified sources of information and government generated statistics to provide accurate information on the severity of the problem. Include all other contributing elements both the avoidable and unavoidable.

As a social problem, homelessness has an adverse impact on the individual and the society. Living in harsh weather conditions during the night hours has a toll on the productivity of a person. Make sure to include how these individuals may have contributed to their homelessness condition. Also, explore the activities that they may engage in due to their circumstance. Secondly, how do homelessness impact the society and the economy? Give detailed information on other social issues that may evolve from homelessness. Explain how they affect the community.

You have noted the factors and the impact of homelessness. The next section of your essay should cover the solutions that have been implemented to deal with the issue. Here you describe the programs that help curb homelessness and other supportive approaches. For example, most nations have built shelters for orphans and homeless people. People have volunteered in these shelters to serve food and making sure that the premises are conducive to living. For people who ended up being homeless due to addictions, and other behavioural consequences, rehabilitation centres assist in their development.

As your country solves homelessness, different parties have contributed to the solution. How are the shelter programs funded? The government does have a stake in the issue. Describe the extent of government efforts in alienating homelessness. How have other organisations chipped in to solve the issue? Ensure you include a personal perspective on the matter. Do you think the government is doing its best in eliminating homelessness? Who do you think is responsible for contributing to the issue of homelessness? You could also touch on the poor living conditions.

Next provided recommendations on how to minimise if not eliminate homelessness. At this point, it is advisable you can compound on what the government and other organisations have done and how they can make the programs more efficient. Alternatively, you may provide new, practical solutions on how to eliminate homelessness. For instance, use the factors you mentioned in your essay to provide the solutions. On the other hand, you may take an economics approach to the issue. Describe how economic factors may be used to promote social welfare and minimise homelessness. For this section, maintain a broad perspective on the issue to ensure that solutions are practical in implementation.

Like any other essay, writing the essay on homelessness should follow the format. An introduction where you introduce the topic. Remember to include a thesis statement.  The body covers the factors, impacts, solutions and the recommendations. Finally, the conclusion part should sum up what you have written in your essay. Avoid adding new information on the concluding paragraph that was not covered earlier in the essay.