Fairness essay and its various dimensions
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Fairness essay and its various dimensions

royal essayFairness refers to equity and justice. Fairness can further be defined either as a behavioural trait or a treatment. It concentrates on avoiding any kind of discrimination and favouritism. Therefore, essays on fairness often include topics on human rights and the relative law. In this particular context, human rights refer to the moral principle, which helps in defining certain standards relating to human behaviour. These are often identified to be protected in terms of legal rights under the international law. Thus, an essay relates to the human rights needs to emphasise the most basic rights of an individual irrespective of their religion, nationality, or race. Human rights have also been observed as applicable in each and every part of the world. A nation cannot deny any individual of the basic human rights, which applies uniformly to everyone. The principles of human rights have often observed to highly influential concerning the international law.

Hence, it can be stated that the issues related to fairness provide significant information with respect to the human rights and its violation in many countries. This indicates that the essay instructions deliberately focuses on various other issues related to human rights. The recognition related to the inherent dignity along with the intangible right of all the members, who live in a society. Thus, fairness essays can focus on involving papers related to justice, peace and foundation of freedom in and around the world. Therefore, it is essential for these kinds of papers to focus on the history about the concepts of human rights and its origin. Additionally, a human rights essay also needs to significantly concentrate on promoting the fundamental rights of the people, who have been facing discrimination. Hence, a paper on human rights also needs to focus on the universal declaration, international treaties, customary international law and international humanitarian law among others. Furthermore, a fairness essay is required to involve the functions of the political bodies such as the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly.

royalessaysHuman rights are often considered essential within the relationship, which exists between the government and the public. The governments, all over the world, have been exercising power to control the public. Thus, human rights indicate that these powers exerted by the government are limited, owing to which it is essential for the states to protect the freedom of the people. There are several ways to develop a proper understanding of the human rights. Some of the individuals perceive them as the natural rights. On the other hand, other people view human rights as principles, which have been developed from common human interests. Some of the most common human rights include rights to education, right to education, freedom from degrading treatment and torture, as well as their right to life and personal security. Therefore, while writing essays on human rights, it is essential to include the mentioned rights on the paper.

When writing fairness essays, students are instructed to significantly focus on elaborating essential aspects and issues along with the rights to produce a higher quality paper to achieve their expected grades. In addition, they also need to deliver due to significance in collected data related to recent instances where human rights have been significantly violated to substantiate their arguments in the fairness essay. In doing so, the students must concentrate on providing relevant data and facts concerning the different issues connecting to the topic, such as the debates recently ongoing with their emphasis to discussing gender equity, water & sanitation, sexual & reproductive rights, freedom of fair trial, and freedom of speech among others. To be illustrated in this regard, these essays can be written base on the recently ongoing conflicts within the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) and the responsibilities of the European Court of Human Rights in resolving those issues efficiently. It is these essential for the students to have sufficient knowledge of the current affairs as well as the theoretical explanations relevant to these occurrences, to substantiate the arguments presented in the essay. This, in turn, enhances their researching skills, while simultaneously developing their analytical skills with respect to their selected issue of concern. It also helps the students to have a serious understanding of their surrounding world along with giving them a feeling to contribute in the literary field through their research.
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