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What Is an Expository Essay?

An expository essay is a type of written discourse that serves the purpose of explaining, describing and providing information to the reader. This is a simple expository essay definition. Expository essays can also be fairly accurately termed ‘information’ or ‘informative’ essays.

If you are looking for expository essay examples here is a great one below

This life is quite lonely. Most times we are brought into it alone – unless we were born a twin – we spend a lot of life alone, and then we die alone, usually. It is not so sad and depressing as it is just a plain, inevitable reality – a fact of life. But this fact causes people to search for ways to connect, to interact, with other people. Of course, people in families also form strong relationships with one another, but friends are people we bring into our life because of a mutual affection that is devoid of sexual motivation and familial relations. People have to be careful, though, because some people are toxic to be around. They can be detrimental to various aspects of another’s life. Nonetheless, there are three ways to tell if a friend is a genuinely kind and caring friend – and not just a stranger using you as a patch to their own loneliness.

Friends challenge each other to be better people – and better at any and everything. They want the best for you, and you want the same for them. The key to any good friendship is not only camaraderie or having similarities and common likes and hobbies and activities, but having support and encouragement, which is needed to create growth and self-improvement. After all, we don’t have friends because we expect them to make our lives worse. The opposite is true. People need others to add something extra to their lives, most times for comfort. People genuinely reach their optimal self with the help of other people. A friend, a true friend, challenges you to pursue your dreams, to take calculated risks, to do new and exciting things that will benefit you or help you grow as a person. Friendships are rooted in gentle pushes toward a better self.

Good friendships also have a strong support system, as support is a pillar holding up any relationship. A good friend is generally always supportive in that they are there to catch you when you fall, and they give you wind with which to spread your wings. A good friend is supposed to encourage you even if they don’t agree with your objectives or motivations. They are supposed to have your back and defend you because they authentically care about what happens to you. When things go bad, they are there to help carry the burden. It helps emotionally, and it also matters because some things in life are much too hard to bear on one’s own – such as an unplanned pregnancy, a lost job, a failed important project, or the passing of a loved one. A good friend always shares in their friend’s pain – as well as their joy.

Lastly, a good friendship always keeps one focused on the important things in life – such as making sure they don’t take life, or themselves, too seriously. A good friendship is like the comic relief of life: It’s there to make everything else – all the serious stuff – not seem so bad. A good friendship also serves as a much-needed distraction from all the intense stuff people experience in life, stuff that will only make people unhappy and in a constant state of sadness. But a good friendship helps you forget about your problems, to help you be more in the moment – in every moment.

In all, there is no perfect recipe for the perfect friendship. But a good friend is sometimes all we need in life. We need people for more than just as a way to combat loneliness. Friends help us become the people we want to be, to live the lives we want to live. People add meaning and purpose to our life. They help ease the burdens of love and life. A good friend – and any good relationship – is as strong as the mutual affection and respect and history between people. Science shows how badly we need people in our lives and how bad for our health solitude can be. It shortens a person’s life. Most cultures place social interaction as the highest priority and those that do generally live the longest, disability-free lives in the world.

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