Learn what it takes to compose a perfect essay on teacher in the shortest time possible
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Learn what it takes to compose a perfect essay on teacher in the shortest time possible

From the lowest level of education, students are asked to write their coursework and essays to prove their understanding of various topics. It starts with lower stages of education to develop coherence, organisation, and preciseness in the student’s ability to write essays. Perhaps the most common essay that seeks to evaluate a student’s observation of their teacher. Here are some of the pointers that a student may use in writing an essay on a teacher.Write an essay on teacher
When asked to describe a person, one begins with their physical appearance, hair, eye colour, height and other descriptors. However, for academic purposes, the student should refrain from using relative adjectives. For instance, describing a teacher as handsome or beautiful may not be entirely appropriate. Besides, only use descriptive words that can be estimated and relevant. Notice I did not include weight. It is a bit irrelevant in this case.  Therefore, your essay should have some the following aspects.

Taking the example of a high school teacher, the student may state that Miss, Mrs, or Mr. ‘name’ is my English teacher. He or she stands an approximate height of five foot six inches. A teacher may have blonde hair and skin with brown freckles for instance. The blue eye colour of the teacher may give the impression of a kind and friendly person. This is a simple description of your teacher’s appearance. To give more insight into description, you may use other particular physical characteristics such as

  • The voice
  • A stooping posture,
  • A limp
  • Complexion and so on.

However, refrain from using negative descriptions. Also, remember to mention your teacher`s responsibility, the lessons she teaches and other school duties.

You may then talk about the dressing preferences of the teacher.  For instance, if your teacher tends towards dressing in some way, you may describe it. Miss ‘Who’ may prefer wearing floral dresses and sweaters during school days. Alternatively, a male teacher may prefer suits. One’s dressing code gives an insight into their personality. Additionally, the teacher may be strict to portray authority and instill discipline in the school grounds. On the other hand, they may be approachable and friendly. As such, the next step in writing this essay would give details on the teacher’s personality.

The most important part of describing your teacher relates to their student interactions. If you are describing your teacher, it means that there is a direct student-teacher relation during class. Besides, teachers interact personally with students to maximise the effectiveness of their training technique. Here you are expected to describe the teaching methods your teacher applies. Examples may include discussion groups and single-student participation. For instance, my teacher provides assignments where she expects us to do partly as individuals and partly as groups. In class, she chooses students to lead the class through various exercises. Therefore, ensure that you provide a reflective analysis of their teaching methods.

At this moment you have described your teacher`s appearance, personality and teaching approaches in class. The next step is to provide a personal opinion. For example, how does your teacher’s teaching technique apply to you? Does it enhance your learning? Does it increase your capacity to understand the coursework? Do you find her approachable for questions and additional tutoring? This section shows how well the student benefits from the learning process. By extension, if the teacher is engaged in other school-related duties, how do they impact into students’ life at school? Hence, it expected that the student gives a review of the teacher’s impact on the school society.

To sum it all up, describing you teacher should focus on the physical and personal observations. Thus, when writing an essay on your teacher, note their name, including titles, physical built, personality descriptors such as friendly or strict among other evaluations. The next stage is explaining the teaching experience and their impact in school. However, always note that as an academic paper you should avoid giving offensive explanations. Also, avoid relative descriptors. All said, make your essay precise, coherent and organised in the assessment and description of your teacher. Give detailed information as per your observation.