Here are free tips on how to write a great essay on sports
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Here are free tips on how to write a great essay on sports

People pursue sports professionally and as their breadwinning activity. Additionally, various sports are popular worldwide making the field a lucrative industry. Hence, an essay on sports may focus on different aspects. It is essential that a writer is aware of the sport and how it is played.

When writing an essay on sports, the first thing is to choose a particular game to cover. Note, the title of the essay directs the content of the article. For example, if you are asked to write generally on sports in the country, then you may choose the most important one. However, it will involve too much information. In that case, it is advisable to pick a sport that one is familiar. For instance, soccer, tennis golf, or other Olympics games. Once you choose the sport, research on the different aspects and terminology used in the sport’s language.Writing an essay on sports

Take football, for instance; you should describe the number of players per team, positions of each player, the time taken per match and all other partisans in the field such as the referees. Showing detailed comprehension of the sport is imperative. It means that you describe the playing ground and how each winning point is scored. These explanations show that the writer has an understanding of the sport that they seek to write about. Ensure that all the components of the game are covered. Giving an overview of the sport should be brief.

Having described the sport, the next step involves incorporating terminologies used in the sport. Using soccer as our example, define the role of each player. Here it is expected that you mention each player according to the sport’s terms such as

  • Mid-fielder
  • Goalkeeper
  • Striker
  • Pitcher
  • Catcher and so on.

Make sure you note their importance to the sport. Secondly, note the non-players and their respective roles. This part includes the coaches and the referees, as well as, the first aid assistance. What is the importance of each non-player in the game? For the Olympics sports, the number of participants may differ.

So far, you will have described the sport based on those who play it and the terminologies used. Next, describe how to play the game. Football is one of the popular games. Terms such as the yellow and red cards have their symbolic meaning to the game and the players. What are the rules and protocols of playing? An example may include what happens when the ball falls beyond the field boundary? What happens when a player is hurt? Also, include the playing time and how it is divided. Circumstances may change the playing rules and protocols. It shows that the writer has a better understanding of how to play their chosen sport.

Another important part of sports is the funding and the regulating bodies. Most countries have sport’s ministries and sponsoring organisations. Describe how your sport is regulated in your country and how the process promotes the sports talent. Ensure that you describe how talents in the sport are discovered, for instance, through the education system and local sports competition. Additionally, include the popularity of the sport and other supporting business. You could also mention corporations that back the sport in your country.

Apart from providing details on your chosen sport, you have to describe the impact it has on players and the society. For individuals, sports contribute to financial stability. However, due to the ageing factor, players could and participate for a particular time before retiring. The retiring age differs depending on the sport and the player’s physical condition. Additionally, describe how the sport has impacted on the local and global community. Consequences such as promoting global relations and other related effects should be included. It shows why the sport should continue being played.

However, like most activities, there exists scandals and negative effects. For sports, the use of unauthorised drugs to boost the player’s performance has introduced unfair competition. It is also an issue that sports authorities have to deal with as they have to regularly screen players. Make sure you mention such issues that are faced in the sports. Additionally, you may involve other scandals that have been witnessed in international and domestic sports. If you choose to be specific, include how the problem was handled and make recommendations on how to solve these irregularities.