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Dissertation Front Page

How do we actually define a dissertation front page? Technically speaking, a dissertation front page is simply the very first leaf of paper that you can see in a dissertation project. Usually, this is not given too much significant value because all it reminds us about is that there is a certain document within the leaves of the remaining parts of it. However, you may also call it the dissertation cover page. In some essays and projects that are performed in written form, a cover page communicates just brief details about the document and the writer himself. So what are the basic components of the front page of a research paper? Let us give you an idea what to input in there and what should be done in order to build a good paper layout.

Essential Elements of Dissertation Front Page

Generally speaking, the dissertation front page or the cover page requires very little information. All you need to include are the title of the dissertation, your name as the creator of the research paper, the data of submission, class details which comprise professor’s name, class section and year. Sometimes, you can add some info about the number of pages, but this is purely optional. Actually, these details and formatting rules are all applicable in any types of dissertation papers. So a computer science dissertation will also have the same format and style of a cover page as compared to a law dissertation paper.

Now, how do we arrange the entries in a dissertation front page? Usually, the easiest pattern will be the MLA format. However, there is no significant difference between the MLA and the APA styles in comparison with any other types of citation schemes. What is more important is that you can include everything that is needed in a cover page. To set up the layout, we will simply describe how you should arrange the entries in the front page. The writing process is as easy as collecting the data for the cover page.

How to Format Dissertation Front Page

Firstly, you can write the whole title of your work at the upper part of the page. This should be centered in alignment. Think of acquiring the upper 25 percent of the page and allocate it for the title only. If you have more than one line for the title, they need to be centered as well. Secondly, you can put your name in two ways. You can either write it at the lower part of the title immediately after it or you can place your name at the very center of the page in both lengthwise and crosswise perspectives. Remember, when you print out your name, you should simply capitalize the first letter or the first name and the last name. Thirdly, you can compress such remaining details as the class section, academic year, subject of the class, the professor’s name and the data of submission in one block. You can then put this entire block at the lower 25 percent of the page, also in centered fashion. Actually, this is everything you need to know about the writing your dissertation front page.