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Find a discursive essay topic that you will love to work on

Writing discursive essays is difficult. But to a student a more difficult task is to choose discursive essay topics. Here are a few guidelines which will help you to choose an interesting topic for yourself.

Why essays are given as an assignment?

There are certain reasons behind asking students to write essays. They are used to evaluate your writing and critical thinking skills. Your instructor also wants to see how you have mastered the subject materials taught in class.
If you are given an open option to choose your own essay topic then you must do so with much forethought and planning. The final essay will speak volumes about your capabilities and hence you must be careful about the topic you select.

A discursive essay is a challenging one. It aims to open your inquisitiveness. Normally when a student is asked to choose a topic he thinks of lot of possibilities. But it often becomes impractical to write essays on topics that are unusual and complex. In reality you should select topics for your discursive types of essays based on certain criteria.

Which factors to consider while selecting essay topics?

The foremost thing that you must consider is your interest in the topic. Unless the discursive essay topic intrigues you, you should never go for it. If you find the topic boring then you will not be able to work hard on it as required. You should be curious enough to undertake extensive research on a topic.

Time is a major factor

Time is another determining factor. If you are burdened by too many assignments then there is no point in going for tough topics and add to your stress. Go for easy topics which will allow you to complete your essay comfortably within the deadline.

On the other hand if you have time in your hand, utilize it fully to write on an unusual topic and make the most of it.

While selecting an essay topic, you should consider whether it is researchable or not. Unique topics are good to write about but you should be able to locate enough information for it. Often to write on such interesting topics you need more time to research which you cannot afford. You also have to ensure that your discursive essay topic involves enough discussion or can bring about sufficient arguments. If you do not have enough time to put in so much of effort then it is advisable to go for simple topics that are easy to write.

Bring out your individuality

You should also ensure that your essay brings out your individuality. No one wants to read an essay that harps on already used ideas and arguments. As an essay writer if you can add fresh ideas and perspectives to simple topics, then also your essay will stand out among the other essays.

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