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Compare And Contrast Essay

Essentials Of Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is one of the easiest assignments that can be written with a bit of practice. Some find it easier to write on certain topics, while others find little difficulty in writing on any topic. The comparative essay topics could be assigned through a curriculum. In such cases, students would need to have sound understanding of theory taught in class. Essay writing on a particular topic does pose some difficulty when attempted for the first time. The principle remains the same where you either support or contradict the thesis statement with arguments in line with your point of view. In a way it would be like outlining the pros and cons of the topic, and the weight of your facts will clearly state the ones you support the most.

Practical Tips To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay

  • Prepare an outline for your essay revolving around the thesis statement. Spend time gathering ideas that could be form the basis for arguments either supporting or opposing the thesis statement. Each argument is important while comparing and contrasting two elements. Depending on the number of words to be included in the essay, the argument can then be elaborated upon.
  • Tackle each argument in a separate paragraph. Logically arrange each paragraph with both the pros and cons listed out conveniently for the benefit of readers. The arguments or ideas should build up towards establishing your point of view.
  • Maintain continuity and flow of language throughout the essay or dissertation format. To do so effectively, your line of argument has to be accepted by the majority of readers. Short and precise statements should be written. The compare and contrast essay has to be interesting and informative without being forced on readers.
  • Avoid the use of supporting statements that tend to deviate from arguments. For example, the outline could include five to six arguments. You would need to include paragraphs for each of them. The length of the essay cannot be determined if many additional statements were introduced.
  • Back your arguments with solid evidence. Readers would need to be convinced that the line of argument chosen is backed by research from reliable sources.

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