Capturing the Moment with Your Myth Essay
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Capturing the Moment with Your Myth Essay

We all have heard that great tale, whether in fictional history or not, which captivates us and takes us back in time. Who hasn’t heard about Hercules, the Loch Ness monster or Icarus flying too close to the sun? While many dismiss myths as the preserve of culturally undeveloped societies, these old stories serve as important kaleidoscopes to our own modern societies in reflecting on the old ways of thinking.  The historical development and significance of such stories cannot be understated.essay literature

Myths may be:

  • Heroic/ character centered. These are probably the most frequent types, and they have the most famous protagonists.
  • Etiological types: These describe events and their causes.
  • Custom myths: These explain various traditional or cultural norms and how they pervaded the general society.

Myths have played a great part in passing down human teaching and addressing human fallacies. Important lessons are learned as part of the entire character build up, and these can be applied to humanity or individuals in general. In highly evolved societies such as Egypt, the Hellenists, and the Romans, the place of myths cannot be understated. These stories often explore powerful and important themes affecting the various expenses of humanity.

How Do You Write A Myth Essay That Stands Out?

These essays usually stand to address more complex underlying issues revolving around history and the human nature. They usually combine art, science, literature, philosophy, politics and other complex but key human subjects and seek to address various themes painted by colorful timelines and history.

With a mythology essay, you prove your ability to create colorful imagery while being able to address powerful points relevant to human themes. The most important element of choosing a myth essay is choosing a theme to follow and making sure that the story that you choose to write will fully address that theme. This effectively means that you will need to derive a clear opening statement that builds the theme and introduces the myth that you have chosen to be the conduit for the transmission of your facts. Remember that the myth should act as a guide to human or communal behaviors, hence a moral contribution to the story. The entire myth will wholly derive from what lessons you want your audience to understand.

You may be required to explore an already existing story, or you may be forced to come up with your own myth. When developing heroes for your stories, you can choose to apply character traits that you wish, which will spice up the story enough and which will also convey the most relevant details. In most cases, the hero is never perfect. They will have their own inherent flaws which will prevent them from attaining their goals favorably. As the story develops, the protagonist also seeks to overcome these flaws and their defects, even as they fight for a greater good.

Creating a Myth Essay That Stands Out

Think for a minute about the story of Robin Hood; robbing from the rich to give to the poor. To a young child, it may seem like an actual historical event. To a grown-up, this story may seem like fantasy, with no historical basis. Who knows how some of these stories develop? Who are we to question the place of what history has provided us with for our learning and enjoyment?

In any case, what is most important is identifying a theme to what you are writing about. Starting with an outline is a good step to writing your myth essay. This will help you develop your ideas and compressing them into a logical fit. It is pretty easy to ramble on such papers but remember, that you shouldn’t go on and on with an irrelevant story. There are always historical aspects and perspectives related to the myth in question. Try to incorporate these as much as possible in your myth.

Remember that myths are not only rooted in primitive society but that even modern society has its own sets of myths addressing different challenges. You don’t have to limit yourself to old age myths.

Finally, make sure to edit and proofread your paper. It is easy to miss something when you are too engrossed in your writing.