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Where to Look and How to Choose The Best of The Many Topics for Dissertation?

The topic of the dissertation determines the direction of the applicant’s research for a scientific degree for 3-4 years. In addition, the correct choice of the topic of the dissertation depends to a large extent on its successful defense, so the choice of topic must be taken very seriously. 

Usually, the dissertation topic is determined by the applicant’s supervisor, but the focus of the dissertation topic does not always coincide with the applicant’s experience in scientific and practical work and his scientific interests. In addition, many supervisors offer applicants to independently choose dissertation ideas and substantiate the topic of dissertation research. It should also be borne in mind that the applicant himself, and not his supervisor, will defend the dissertation.

One of the axioms of the scientific community is that the topic of the dissertation should be relevant. This is the first and main sign, without which access to protection is impossible. The actual topic implies aspects that are important for theory and practice. At the same time, contrary to popular belief, it is not always poorly understood. Therefore, in this article, you can learn to find the best topic from the many dissertation topics.

Where to Look for Relevant Options for The Dissertation Topic?

Research activity is partly a creative process. The source of inspiration (in this case, the question of how to choose a dissertation topic) is the author’s preferences, achievements, and position on any issues. At the time of the decision to write a dissertation, the applicant, as a rule, already has a significant set of publications, the topic of which is fully or partially continued in the study.

This is the best, but not the only option. Ideas can be borrowed from a curator or leader who has experience in scientific activities in a particular area. Also, an approximate and conditional list of relevant topics is available at the department where the applicant is assigned.

Another alternative to choose from is tracking government programs and grants. At certain time intervals, conditions dictate interest in specific issues on the state and patrons. It is worth taking advantage of this and understanding the course of promising research areas.

Features of Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Before dwelling on a specific (even if preliminary) version of the topic, the author of the dissertation goes through several stages:

  • The general situation in the chosen scientific field and narrower specialization is assessed.
  • The material is studied on topics identical in meaning based on the maximum number of sources.
  • The position of the department and supervisor is recognized.
  • Analyze scientific developments.
  • The consideration of the issue at the world level is being monitored.

Thus, choosing a dissertation topic results from an integrated approach to finding, evaluating, and analyzing prerequisites. The author is faced with answering two questions: who needs research on the chosen topic and why the result will be essential and valuable.

Top 25 Best Dissertation Topics

  1. Study of the influence of ultraviolet radiation as a factor in the neutralization of industrial and drinking water.
  2. The difference in the level of education before quarantine and during quarantine.
  3. Development and analysis of indicators of biological pollution of the waters of the inland seas of Europe by ships’ ballast water.
  4. Application of spectrometric technologies for express analysis of microbiological contamination of water.
  5. Market research and competition in the production of medical systems.
  6. Analysis of production technology and calculation of current costs for the production of specific medical equipment.
  7. Study of the commercial effectiveness of production options.
  8. Theory and typology of innovative processes in the medical industry.
  9. Market analysis of medical products based on the principle of natural therapy.
  10. Study of the organization of fish farming and production costs.
  11. Calculation of investment costs and identification of funding sources for various technology options.
  12. Investigation of the commercial efficiency of various commercial trout breeding options.
  13. Research the auto expert services market, competition, and development of a marketing program.
  14. Analysis of the range of services provided and technologies for opening regional offices.
  15. Theoretical foundations of the financial and economic evaluation of investments in the development of the company
  16. Examination of costs, revenues, and risks for options for regional branches of the company.
  17. Research of the market and competition of enterprises in the public catering system.
  18. Analysis and selection of restaurant production technology for cost and income research.
  19. Development of a marketing program in different areas.
  20. Methodology and study of the commercial effectiveness of networking options.
  21. Real estate investment survey in 2022.
  22. Research of the suburban real estate market in different European countries.
  23. Analysis and calculation of costs in the construction of low-rise suburban real estate.
  24. Methodology for financing construction work and the choice of sources of financing for suburban construction.
  25. Study of the commercial efficiency of options for low-rise construction of residential buildings.

The name of the work becomes a reflection of the author’s personal choice his professional maturity and corresponds to the general concept of the works of the department and supervisor. However, the share of subjectivity should not dominate.

What is the Most Important Thing in the Formulation of a Topic?

An illiterate formulation of an idea can spoil even the most incredibly high-quality and good dissertation topics. This spoils the first impression distorts the understanding of the essence of the dissertation, even if the content is impeccable. Therefore, the topic should be:

  • Concise. You can not place an essay on half a page instead of a title;
  • Capacious. It is essential to reflect the essence, concept, object, and result of the study in a few sentences (maximum 3);
  • Understandable. It is unacceptable to use cumbersome verbal constructions and oversaturation with special terms. The recommended length of sentences is 6 words;
  • Unique. Compliance with the plagiarism check is mandatory since borrowing and copying previously published topics are unacceptable;
  • Specific. It is required to avoid vague, generalized formulations.

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