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Honing Your Writing Style

aspects-of-the-essay-writing-150x150You may come across two similar essay writing assignments, written on a same topic, drawing research literature from similar sources, arguing a similar point of view, yet one graded higher than the other. The question that comes to every student’s mind is “where is the difference”. It is the expression that makes one writing better than the other. A good essay will have a well knit prose, with appropriate use of words that correspond to the meaning the author means to communicate to the reader.

A plain and unpretentious style makes a piece of writing, especially academic writing, effective and forceful. The most easy reading assignments takes in a lot of efforts in composition than pretentious and high worded ones, yet they seem effortless.

A good essay writing style is developed over years with training and practise. Writing in early phases begins as a conscious activity, which needs to be honed keeping the yardsticks of a good essay style. Here are few tips to help you polish your style, making it original and effective.

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Why you need to polish your writing style

Alexander Pope, a famous eighteenth century writer describes good writing in the following words: “what oft was thought, but never so well expressed.” In the early steps of writing, when preparing a first writing draft of a thesis or research paper, or writing a first essay assignment, students find themselves lost in the maze of saying a thing well. Such an attempt makes their writing verbose, vague and ambivalent. Style in this respect becomes more an ornament than a requirement. This is when the task of polishing one’s writing style becomes mandatory.

What is a good writing Style

There are no fixed guidelines as to what constitutes a good writing style. Writing style differ widely with respect to the written document, its genre and application. Yet generally speaking, the best style is clear and unpretentious style. A good style will have adornments, wordplay, metaphors and the like, that do not interrupt the understanding of the text but adds to its meaning.

How to polish your writing style

Concentrate on the following aspects when writing-

Clarity: The aim of every form of writing, creative or academic is to share knowledge or experience with the reader. Such an aim can be completely utilized with maximum clarity, both in the choice of words and their placement in a sentence. You must know what you want to say and how you want e reader to interpret it, the rest will follow.

Word choice: The task of a good essay writer is to find the exact word or phrase that communicates the exact meaning or feeling to the reader. Do not overload a sentence with flamboyant words, rhetorical diversions, literary devices, if they fail to deliver any meaning.

Identify and personalize your writing style: The best way to make your prose effective is to write in manner you are comfortable in. Identify your skills and hone them instead of imitating established or famous writers. The style you write in must come natural to you.

Appropriateness: The tone and style of writing must suit the situation and document. Academic writing must be written formally where the choice of words will differ from the day to day conversational style. Also, in any form of critical writing, like writing a critical essay or arguing your thesis statement, you must have a subtle tone while defending your thesis. Use our writing services for any help you need.

Write an Accounting Essay in an Impressive Manner

Use of accounting dates far back in time with the need of keeping the records of the crops harvested and herds traded. Over time, this discipline has evolved in to what it is currently. Accounting comprises of a vast area of study and consists of management accounting, financial accounting, cost accounting and bookkeeping. A fair knowledge of accounting is important for anyone interested in operating an own business as well as for those pursuing management and administration careers. Anyone wishing to undertake accountancy and financial management as a career should have an in-depth knowledge of the accounting principles, standards and calculation methods involved. In any of the above cases, students are bound to come across the need for writing an assignment.

Accountancy is a subject that is bound with many other activities and disciplines. Auditing, economics, money, finance, project planning, business management etc. are some of them among many more. There is a stringent and fixed methodology of record keeping and entering of data in to accounts which is based on the double entry principle. For a business operation, financial reports such as profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statements are essential. An accounting essay can discuss these important documentations in an informative manner. Furthermore, there are accounting standards which specify how to treat various accounting issues such as good will, amortization, depreciation, land value appreciation, common cost apportionment etc. These too can be discussed as expository essay with step by step guidelines on how to apply these accounting principles. Due to the objective nature of this subject, an accounting essay cannot be written in descriptive or creative essay style.  It should be approached with an analytical writing style with expository form of explanations where calculation methods are involved.

Although Accountancy is subject that opens several angles, the essay topic that the student chooses should be narrowed down to manageable level. The most appropriate structure for this type of essay would be a five paragraph essay format within which students can write a short essay of up to 1000 words. The introduction of such an essay should provide the basic fundamentals of accounting that will be applicable to the topic area. The body paragraphs needs to expand the main topic and the key support points involved. There may be explanations, expository guidance and process steps of calculations involved when explaining an accounting concept or a methodology. The final paragraph should provide a summation of key points and draw the writing to an end with a concluding statement.

What Do You Do, if You Accidentally Deleted Text from an Essay?

Accidentally deleted essay might drive a sensitive student crazy. You’ve been huffing and puffing over this 200-word assignment a couple of evenings, sacrificing personal time and nerve cells. But a wild glitch of power shutdown caused Windows to restart and either delete a large chunk of your work or the entire document, in the worst-case scenario.

You’ll be surprised to find out how often students call us and say something like: “I accidentally deleted my essay how do I get it back?” First and foremost, we kindly ask such clients to calm down and check if there’s any backup of the file. If not, your system might’ve lost the file for good! However, a paper deleted accidentally (or intentionally?) doesn’t mean the world must stop spinning and just explode. Nerve cells don’t restore, right, but knows one way to get your essay back, sometimes in even better shape than before.