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APA Dissertation Citation: Tips and Guidelines

In your academic journey in tertiary institutions, you have come across different citation styles since you have had to write research essays regularly. It is highly likely that you have even applied some styles, including APA. However, extra precautions have to be taken to perfectly format that dissertation while ensuring all APA citation guidelines are followed strictly.

Remember that for a dissertation to be well-written, it has to meet certain quality requirements, including being appropriately referenced and formatted. Here, we will outline the importance of APA dissertation citation while giving guidelines that will be of assistance to every student.

Importance of Citing a Dissertation APA

Most students wonder why they have to spend a considerable proportion of time and energy by citing a dissertation APA. It is imperative to note that APA is the accustomed format for research domains related to social sciences, and it was established to generalize scientific inscription. Additionally, citations in a dissertation are important for the following reasons.

  • To demonstrate the evidence of the student’s research and thus appreciate their contribution to their subject area
  • Prove that extensive reading of the issue has been done, and considerations to others’ writings have been made
  • Develop the credibility as well as the trustworthiness of your arguments and ideas
  • Avoid plagiarism as well as associated consequences. Remember that using other people’s ideas, findings, or research without citing them is equivalent to taking credit for their work. It is considered cheating by most institutions
  • Differentiate between others’ opinions and thoughts and yours
  • Award credit to the original author of the content used
  • Help the reader to trace the original content used
  • Enable a reader to develop their own opinions on the value of the sources used coupled with your interpretation of them.

Therefore, citing a dissertation APA is important, and it provides the connection between what you write and the evidence on which it is grounded. Additionally, through the APA citation dissertation, consistency is established, and a better flow is achieved, thus making it easier to read and comprehend the paper content.

How to Cite Dissertation APA: Basics on In-Text Citations

In-text citations are included after alluding to, rewording, recapitulating, or quoting from another resource. For each in-text citation in the dissertation, an analogous listing must be placed in the reference list. If you are wondering how to cite the dissertation APA appropriately, apply the below techniques.

Firstly, specify the names of the author and couple them with the date of publication (year) in the in-text citation. For instance: (Bella, 2019). If a direct quotation is used, insert the page number with a “p.”. For illustration: (Bella, 2019, p. 10). For resources that do not have sheet numbers, the paragraph numbers are applied.

Secondly, in-text citations for web pages appear like for any other resource, including the writer’s surname followed by publication time. If the writer of a resource is not indicated, include a short form of the title in quotes followed by the year in the in-text citation. For instance: (“Coping with bullying,” 2019). If the time is not indicated, n.d. to stand for “no date” is inserted as a substitute for the year. For instance: (Bella, n.d.).

If a source is written by two writers, all of them are included in in-text citations separated by & and followed by the year. For instance: (Bella & Gass, 2019). If a resource is written by three to five writers, all of them are included once coupled with the year. For instance: (Belle, Gass, Stoneblock, & Snowball, 2019). For ensuing citations, the first writer’s last name is included together with et al. and year. For example: (Bella, et al., 2019).

When citing a dissertation in APA style, these specific guidelines ought to be applied. Also, use standard formatting. For instance, every dissertation must contain a title sheet. The APA dissertation title page ought to contain three centered elements: the dissertation heading, name (as the author), and institutional affiliation. This sheet also contains a heading of the dissertation in capital letters and the sheet number. You must follow APA cite dissertation procedures.

APA Dissertation Format: General Guidelines

If APA style in citations is used, the dissertation should also be formatted in the same manner. APA dissertation format recommendations are as follows: Times New Roman font, size 12 is used, the whole dissertation is double-spaced, one half inch indentation is made on every first word of each paragraph, one-inch margins are left on the sides, bottom, and top of the 8 ½ x 11” paper and the main title with page number ought to be included in the title page’s header.

The dissertation heading and page number should be included in the header of the ensuing pages. The dissertation should constitute four main segments: title sheet, abstract, body, and reference list. When it is necessary to cite the dissertation APA, these formatting strategies must be applied. They ensure consistency in the manner in which the content appears in APA citation paper.

APA Style Dissertation References

If there is a part of APA formatting and citation that students find challenging, it is the reference list. It is a double-spaced and alphabetically organized list of resources used in the dissertation. It begins on a fresh sheet directly after the last page of the text and continues sheet numbering. Entries for the APA style dissertation reference list follows an established order for outlining information.

Authors are arranged in the order in which they are outlined in the resource, with the names being inverted to outline the last name, first and initials of first or middle names following. The time (in parenthesis) is used for books and professional journals. Titles are outlined in full as they are listed in the resource. Additional information such as inclusive pages, issue number, volume number, edition number, and a translator can be included when applicable. Retrieval information is included for electronic sources.

For example, a journal entry can appear in the reference list as follows: Sarah, W.M., Snowball, A.V., & Stonecold, D.F. (2019). Bullying in tertiary institutions: Trends, Journal of Research and Investigations, 10(2), 10-15.

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